Gravestone Photographic Resource

Upload and/or index grave monument photos

This website will allow you to both upload grave monument photographs and/or index them.

It is currently under development but hopefully will be available soon.

About uploading and indexing photos

The upload process allows you to upload individual grave monument images into appropriate folders that identify the cemetery where the photographs were taken.

The indexing process allows you to input details of all the names mentioned on the monument. For each name, where appropriate, you will be able to enter not only the forename and surname of each person mentioned, but also their title, nickname, maiden name and any honours they have recieved - see below for futher details. If the monument gives details of relationships then these can also be entered but you must be aware that these relationships held on GPR database relate to the first name you have entered for that particular grave monument. The system will also allow you to enter the date of death, the age and the date of birth if these have been given and are legible. Finally, you will also be able to add any other addition information about that particular person. Once an image has been indexed it is automatically moved from the "needs indexing" folder to the "indexed" folder.

This website will also allow you to upload photos of churches and cemeteries that can be used on the cemetery's main pages as well as on each grave page for that cemetery.

The system will also allow you to enter details of graves for which there are not any photographs.

  • Index only grave monuments
  • Upload only grave monument photos
  • Upload and index grave monument photos
  • Index graves without photos
  • Upload church or cemetery photos